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Dr. John Corburn, DMD - Dentist in Coeur d'Alene

When you ask Dr. Coburn what he likes most about being a dentist, he’ll tell you it’s the fulfillment that he gets by helping people eliminate pain and embarrassment caused by their teeth.

“I don’t have to write a prescription…I can just fix the problem!”

Addressing his patient’s dental concerns and restoring optimal health means those individuals can resume enjoying everyday life, or experience a heightened sense of confidence that they’ve never felt before.

A Humorous Approach to Curbing Patient Anxiety

“Our practice is really good at taking care of our patients,” Dr. Coburn says, “Everyone here really cares about the people we serve; they’re not just a number, and that’s what makes us different…we try to make dentistry fun.”

So fun, in fact, that many of Dr. Coburn’s patients tend to laugh right through their injections! It’s no wonder why so many of them tell us that they’re the very best they’ve ever had.

Family Centered Care

Coburn Family

As a dad, Dr. Coburn enjoys seeing young children and families in our practice. Watching his pediatric patients grow up between their six-month checkups and creating lasting friendships with their parents is something that he considers a true honor.

“I’m honored by the trust my patients place in me, and for me to care for their entire family’s oral health.”

Not Just Dentistry

With extensive training in sleep apnea intervention, Dr. Coburn offers screening resources and non-invasive therapy options for managing sleeping disorders. For patients that are CPAP intolerant, these measures change their quality of life and overall health.

Technology Rich Services

Investing in advanced equipment allows Dr. Coburn to provide more efficient care without sacrificing quality of the patient experience. Through techniques like CAD/CAM dentistry and 3D imaging, it’s possible for him to deliver precise, same day treatments and full mouth rehabilitation.

A Passion for Cosmetic Dentistry

Designing a brand-new smile requires a high level of attention and artistic skill. Dr. Coburn especially loves such cases, as each one is extremely unique. The results that he sees in his patients’ confidence and self-esteem make every moment of the process worth it.

Education and Continuing Development

Dr. Coburn is never finished learning. After earning his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Oregon Health & Science University, he continued his search and training to improved his techniques. Some examples of his personal endeavors include training and experience in:

  • Treatment planning with Implants Northwest Live Learning Center
  • Mini-residency in dental implantology with Ken Habel
  • CAD/CAM computerized digital dentistry and single visit crowns
  • Oral appliance therapy in patients with sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing

His professional affiliations include…

Giving Back

Although he won’t voluntarily tell you about it, Dr. Coburn served eight years in the National Health Service Corp providing dental care. He also works with mobile dentistry teams that fly out to remote locations to provide oral health therapies for service workers.

As a big supporter of our military members, Dr. Coburn enjoys providing discounted and free dental services for veterans after Stand Downs.

When He Isn’t Busy Seeing Patients

Dr. Coburn is an avid outdoorsman. When he isn’t at work, he’s boating or skiing — both snow and water, depending on the season. Even his kids are on a local ski team! Believe it or not, he’s also really into dirt biking (yes, he wears a mouthguard.)

“Every day, I bring 110% to my patients.”

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