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I wanted to take a minute to show some pictures of what can be done with the worn dentition. It is a very common problem that I see almost every day, people who have flat worn out front teeth and would like to do something about it but aren’t sure where to start.

The first question is what can be done? In many instances there are several approaches to treating the severely worn dentition and I’ll go into a little detail about some of the most common approaches here. First off prevention of this type of malocclusion is the most important.

I recommend asking your dentist if he/she sees wear patterns or fracture lines consistent with bruxism or clenching. In many cases if caught early enough an occlusal appliance or “Bite Guard” can help prevent the need for restorative treatment.

Before our CDA dental treatmentsHere is an example of one of my favorite things to do to quickly improve the esthetics of sever wear patients. Dick had very thin anterior teeth and needed a long term temporary fix until he could get a full mouth rehabilitation. Something to look good and buy him some time. Here we did simple composite veneers done chairside in as little as an hour and it made a huge impact in how he looks and functions. These composite veneer’s have been in for a couple years now and are serving him very well. This is not a permanent solution, but it has allowed him time to save for something more permanent.

After our dental services in CDAAnother option is to use modern orthodontic practices and create space for traditional crowns or veneer’s, in the pictures here (courtesy of DR. Chaffee Riverstone Orthodontics) we see that the before photos show Kevin’s front teeth to be worn completely flat, he had lost almost half of his original tooth structure. With the combination of orthodontics from Riverston Orthodontics, and advanced ceramics for crowns and veneers, we corrected malocclusion and created space for beautiful anterior crowns only. By only crowning the front teeth that were most effected by years of bruxism we were able to save him a significant amount of dental treatment and money. This interdisciplinary approach can often create the very best outcome for a long term successful case.

The other option is to attempt to arrest the problem and prevent it from getting worse. This can be done with an occlusal appliance and regular maintenance.

CDA Dental Patient #2The quickest way is to restore function and esthetics is to place crowns or bridges throughout the mouth to open the bite back to where it once was this can be done by crowning every tooth on either the top arch, bottom arch or both. It is often necessary to do both the upper and lower teeth to achieve a functional-esthetic long term result. The picture here shows what type of change can be accomplished with just a few hours in the dental chair.

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